The Future

The funds generated through our social enterprise are being channelled into a planned renewal of our charitable activities. At present, our building is undergoing refurbishments, which will soon turn it into a supplementary school for local children who are not reaching their objectives academically. Our initiative will specifically target young black men, who are consistently cast as underachievers in our society, and help them to escape this negative labelling and fulfil their full potential.


Once this is underway, Karibu will start running a school on weekdays for young people who have been permanently excluded from mainstream education. This vital last chance for these young people will help them develop new skills and rediscover their enthusiasm for their studies. We will also offer a programme of youth club services and after and pre-school activities, to support lone and working parents, and reduce anti-social behaviour and social exclusion.






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                                                       Karibu is a Swahili word for Welcome

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