Our Philosophy

At Karibu, we believe that aspirational poverty is as a great a barrier to happiness as economic deprivation. We aim to work side by side with the young people in the local community, equipping them not only with the skills and practical resources to lead them into adulthood, but also the confidence they’ll need to make positive changes in their lives. Our approach is holistic; we want to cater for all needs, whether spiritual, intellectual or physical. We’ll do this with our comprehensive range of youth education programmes, which will engage our beneficiaries with the learning process whilst strengthening familial and community relationships.


At Karibu we aim to create diamonds not marshmellows.



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Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England & Wales No. 2529000 - Registered Charity No. 1023182.

                                                       Karibu is a Swahili word for Welcome

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